1 Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju Principal Chairperson Dr_M_Jagapathi_Raju
Heads of Departments
2 Dr. V. Chandra Sekhar Professor & Head
Dept. of CSE
Member Dr_V_Chandra_Sekhar
3 Dr. N. Udaya Kumar Professor & Head Dept. of ECE Member Dr_N_Udaya_Kumar
4 Dr. Bh. Ravi Kumar Varma Professor & Head Dept. of EEE Member Dr_Bh_Ravi_Kumar_Varma
5 Dr. Bh.V.S.R.K. Raju Professor & Head Dept. of IT Member Dr_Bh_V_S_R_K_Raju
6 Dr. K. Brahma Raju Professor & Head Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Member Dr_K_Brahma_Raju
7 Dr. A.C.S.V. Prasad Professor & Head Dept. of Civil Engineering Member Dr_A_C_S_V_Prasad
8 Dr. Bh.V.N. Lakshmi Professor & Head Dept. of English Member Dr_Bh_V_N_Lakshmi
Senior Faculty
9 Dr. P.A.R.K. Raju Professor of Civil Engineering & Dean R&D Member Dr_P_A_R_K_Raju
10 Dr. K.V. Murali Krishnam Raju Professor of ME & Dean, Evaluation Member Dr_K_V_Murali_Krishnam_Raju
11 Dr. P. Kanta Rao Professor of EEE Member Dr_P_Kanta_Rao
12 Dr. P. Bhavani Associate Professor & Head Dept. of Engineering Chemistry Member Dr_P_Bhavani
External Experts
13 Prof. K. Ramji Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Andhra University Visakhapatnam Member Prof_K_Ramji
14 Sri Ch.V. Satya Srinivas Scientist-G, Technology Director-HRD, NSTL, Visakhapatnam. Member Sri_Ch_V_Satya_Srinivas
15 Sri E.S. Chakravarthy Global RMG Head Tata Consultancy Services Bangalore Member Sri_E_S_Chakravarthy
16 Sri M. Kotaiah Advisor, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Department of Atomic Energy Member Sri_M_Kotaiah
JNTUK Nominees
17 Dr. KVSG Murali Krishna Professor of Civil Engineering & Director, Academic Planning JNTUK, Kakinada. Member Dr_KVSG_Murali_Krishna
18 Dr. B. Balakrishna Professor of ME & Director of Evaluation JNTUK, Kakinada Member Dr_B_Balakrishna
19 Dr. K.V. Ramana Rector & Professor of CSE JNTUK, Kakinada Member Dr_K_V_Ramana
Faculty Member Nominated by the Principal
20 Dr. K. Suresh Babu Professor of ME & Dean, Academics Member

Functions of the Academic Council:

The Academic Council shall have powers to:

(a) Scrutinize and approve the proposals with or without modification of the Boards of Studies with regard to courses of study, academic regulations, curricula, syllabi and modifications thereof, instructional and evaluation arrangements, methods, procedures relevant thereto etc., provided that where the Academic Council differs on any proposal, it shall have the right to return the matter for reconsideration to the Board of Studies concerned or reject it, after giving reasons to do so.
(b) Make regulations regarding the admission of students to different programmes of study in the college keeping in view the policy of the Government.
(c) Make regulations for sports, extra-curricular activities, and proper maintenance and functioning of the playgrounds and hostels.
(d) Recommend to the Governing Body the proposals for institution of new programmes of study.
(e) Recommend to the Governing Body, institution of scholarships, studentships, fellowships, prizes and medals, and to frame regulations for the award of the same.
(f) Advise the Governing Body on suggestions(s) pertaining to academic affairs made by it.
(g) Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Governing Body.

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