Annual Day Poster Unveiled
SRKR Engineering College 19 April 2022

SRKR Engineering College is going to celebrate its 42nd Annual Day on 23rd April, 2022. The poster relating to this was inaugurated in the campus by Secretary and Correspondent Sri. SV Ranga Raju garu, CEO Sri. SRK Nishanth Varma garu and Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu. Speaking on this occasion CEO and Secretary had said that this function would be commencing at 9:30AM on 23rd April, 2022 and the Guests for this function were Dr. GV Prasada Raju, Vice Chancellor of JNTU, Kakinada and Dr. KV Lakshmipathi Raju, Principal of MVGR College of Engineering, Vijayanagaram who were the prominent alumni of the SRKR Engg College. They said that it was a matter of great pride that the distinguished alumni of the college are attending the annual day function as the guests. Prizes for the students who have excelled in academics and sports would be given on this occasion. Principal of SRKR Engg College Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu had said that the Sports Day celebrations would be held at the college on 23rd April, 2022 at 5:30 PM for which Sri. Ravi prakash, Superintendent of Police of West Godavari Dist and ASP Sri. AV Subbaraju would be attending as the guests and give away the prizes to the students who had excelled in Sports. He invited all the students, parents, teaching and non teaching fraternity to attend all the programmes and make it a grand success.

Installation of Lord Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy and Lord Vinayaka Idols at the Campus
SRKR Engineering College 17 April 2022

The idol of Lord Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy had been installed at the SRKR Campus by CEO Sri. SRK Nishanth Varma garu along with his wife and Lord Vinayaka idol had been reinstalled by Secretary and Correspondent Sri. SV Ranga Raju garu along with his wife in a traditional and spiritual environment on 16 th and 17 th of April, 2022 under the supervision of the priests Sri. Ch. Kameswara Sharma and his team. Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu had said that it was a great gesture from the management to install the idols at the campus and urged the students to develop a sense of spirituality which will lead them towards success with confidence. He said that with the blessings of the almighty the pandemic should end shortly and wished that students should march ahead in the path of success. College Vice President Sri. P. Krishnam Raju garu, Governing Body Member Sagi Achutaramaraju Garu along with the HODs, Teaching, Non-Teaching staff and students participated in these rituals.

ISTE NIPUNA 22 Poster Inaugurated
SRKR Engineering College 16 April 2022

ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) student chapter is conducting two day national level student symposium NIPUNA-22 at SRKR Engineering College on 29 th and 30 th of this month. A poster of this event is being inaugurated at the college by CEO Sri. SRK Nishanth Varma Garu, Secretary & Correspondent Sri. SV Ranga Raju garu and Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu. Speaking on this occasion ISTE Faculty Advisor and Senior Professor P. Subbarao has said that this event would be inaugurated on 29 th April by prominent alumni of the college, D. Somsekhar, Principal ML Scientist at Wadhwani Institute of AI, Bangalore. There was a huge response from student community around the state to participate in this event. ISTE Student Division Chairperson Ganesh, Secretary Harshavardhan, Akash Srinivas had participated in this programme.

Sports Camp by NSS Unit and Women Empowerment Cell
SRKR Engineering College 15 April 2022

The Physical Education Department at SRKR Engg College in collaboration with NSS Unit and Women Empowerment Cell is conducting Sports Camp in Shuttle and Volley Ball for one month. This camp was being inaugurated by the Secretary and Correspondent of SRKR Engineering College Sri. SV Ranga Raju garu on 13th April at the indoor stadium of the college. Speaking on this occasion Sri SV Ranga Raju garu urged the students to give prime importance to sports too along with the academics which will play a vital role in the all round development of the students. Principal of SRKR Engineering College Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu had said that the students in this camp will be trained by the Volleyball Coach Mr. Ramaraju and Shuttle coach Dr. KKK Varma for a period of one month at morning and evening times. Women Empowerment Cell Coordinator Dr. P. Bhuvaneshwari, NSS Unit Coordinator Prasadraju, Physical Education Dept staff members Dr. P. Satyanarayana Raju, Dr. Harimohan and Dr. G. Sarika took part in this occasion.

Seminar Organized by Women Empowerment Cell of SRKREC
SRKR Engineering College 08 April 2022

The Women Empowerment Cell at SRKR Engineering College had conducted a seminar on 'Codes of Conduct: Ethics and Indian Culture' on 8 th April, 2022. Prominent Advocate N. Satyavignana Devi has been the chief guest of this seminar. Speaking on this occasion she said that students of this generation should lead a life style which should be the role model for the upcoming generations. She emphasized that students should respect the Indian traditions and culture which are very prominent from the early ages and they should not get distracted towards the foreign culture which will create a negative impact. She said that students should control their emotions and committing suicides in the heat of the moment should be avoided. Incharge Principal of the College Dr. Brahma Raju had said that it is the moral obligation of the student community to protect the rich traditions and heritage of the India for the upcoming generations. Mrs. Devi was felicitated by the college authorities on this occasion. Women Empowerment Cell Coordinator Dr. Bhuvaneshwari has presided over this event along with Dr. P. Bhavani, the Head of the Chemistry Dept.