Students Excel in TechFleet 2K22
Information Technology (IT Dept) 08 May 2022

IT Dept at SRKR Engg College had conducted 12 hours uninterrupted hackathon named as TECHFLEET2K22 where engineering students had developed web portals using the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 10 student groups were shortlisted for this programme from various colleges across the state. The student group from SRKR stood first in this competition where they developed an education portal which will be significant help to the students while selecting the educational institutes where they want to pursue their education. Second place was secured by the students of CSE who developed an android application with latest algorithms which will help the vehicles to detect the speed breakers and major disruptions on the road while driving. Consolation prize was won by the students of Vasavi Engg College, Tadepalligudem who developed a boat which will work with the solar energy and in the absence of solar energy this boat also works on diesel. Secretary&Correspondent of SRKR Sri. SV Rangaraju, Principal of SRKR Sri. M. Jagapathi Raju and HOD of IT Dept Dr. BHV Ramakrishnam Raju had congratulated the students for being a part of this novel programme and urged the students to make use of AI and Machine Learning through which new applications and apps can be developed for the welfare of the society and this would act as a foundation of revolution of communication. Dr. I. Hemalatha, Dr. K. Kishore Raju, BVDS Sekhar, PRSSV Raju had also participated in this programme.

Experts Speak at National Level Tech Fests
SRKR Engineering College 07 May 2022

National Level Student Symposiums were being conducted by various departments at SRKR Engg College on 7th May, 2022. Divisional Electrical Executive Engineer (Operations) of Bhimavaram Mr. Peer Ahmed Khan who was the chief guest at Symposium of EEE Dept had said that students are going to have a bright future in core branches. Chief Guest of CSE Dept Symposium Mr. PC Varma, a prominent Alumni of SRKR and Director of a Software Company had suggested the students to learn the applications of software in various fields through which they will have a good chances of getting prominent jobs. Chief Guest of Civil Dept Symposium Mr. V. Appalaraju, Director of Prominent Construction Company SLV had said that it was indeed a matter of great pride that alumni of SRKR are in prominent positions across the globe. Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju had said that alumni of SRKR are the symbols of development and their frequent visits to the institution are of great help in guiding the present students. Secretary&Correspondent of SRKR Sri. SV Rangaraju had said that Symposiums will provide a platform for the students to showcase their skills and talents. HODs of various departments had participated in these symposiums and the chief guests were felicitated by the management in a grand manner.

Supernova 2K22 Poster Unveiled
SRKR Engineering College 05 May 2022

SRKR Engineering College is conducting 6 National Level Student Symposiums under various departments on 7th May, 2022 Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju had said. The poster of SUPERNOVA 2022 the National Level Student Symposium by Civil Department has been inaugurated by Secretary& Correspondent of SRKR Sri. SV Ranga Raju. Principal had said that because of the Covid Pandemic the symposiums were not being conducted during the last 2 years which had an adverse effect on the research and analytical skills of the students. Keeping in view the upcoming academic examinations, in order to infuse enthusiasm and passion in the students, these symposiums were being planned. Civil dept HOD Dr. Prasad will act as convener, Mr. M. Venkat Rao will act as Faculty Coordinator, K. Jagadeep, Pavan Kumar, P. Raju, JNS Raju will act as Faculty Co-Coordinators and M. Saiprakash and K. Bhaskar will act as Student representatives for this SUPERNOVA2022.

Spurthi 2K22 Poster Unveiled
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 04 May 2022

The Dept of CSE at SRKR is going to conduct National Level Student Symposium SPURTHI22 on May 7th, 2022 Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju had said. The poster relating to the same was inaugurated by Secretary & Correspondent of SRKR Sri. SV Ranga Raju. Program convener an HOD of CSE Dr. Chandrasekhar had said that students would undergo various workshops and technical competitions as a part of this event. Dr. M. Srihari Varma and K. Aruna Kumari will act as Faculty Coordinators and S. Yasin and G. Supraja will act as student coordinators.

SRKREC Inks MoU With Blood Banks
SRKR Engineering College 03 May 2022

SRKR Engg College had entered an MOU with prominent Blood Banks in Bhimavaram which will facilitate the staff and students to avail blood during the case of emergencies. CEO of SRKR Mr. SRK Nishanth Varma had said that this MOU with Ananda Blood Bank, ASN Raju Charitable Trust and Dharani Voluntary Blood Bank will benefit the students and staff during the unforeseen circumstances. He also said that it is customary to conduct voluntary blood donation camps in the college every year by the students. Secretary & Correspondent of SRKR Sri. SV Ranga Raju, Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, NSS Coordinator KSN Prasada Raju and Blood Banks representatives Dr. Jogi Anand Varma, Mr. ASN Raju and Mr. V. Sirish took part in this noble activity.